Saturday, March 12, 2005

PHC Debate team sweeps NEDA tournament in Dayton, Ohio

You guys did it again. AWESOME!

Patrick Henry College's Debate team swept the NEDA tournament in Dayton, Ohio this weekend wining fist place in Varsity, Novice and Lincoln/Douglas divisions. Also, they closed out the final round in open with PHC teams.

3th place--Katie Tuble
1st Place--Katy Jones
Novice Team policy:
Quarter Finalist--Daniel Burns/Danielle Small
1st Place--Cami Helm/Amber Smith

Novice Speaker Awards:
9th Daniel Burns
7th Danielle Small

Varsity (OPEN), Team Policy:
Quarter Finalist--Andrew Tyrrell/Melanie Inglis
2nd Place--Peter Kamakawiwoole/Nick Timpe
1st place--Matthew DuMee/Christy Ross

Varsity Speaker Awards:
8th Place--Nick Timpe
4th place --Christ Ross
2nd place--Peter Kamakawiwoole
1st place--Matthew duMee


At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't that just cool! It almost makes me wish I had gone, but it's good that Cami got 1rst instead of 2nd, being a senior and all. 'Cause D and I would have so won had we gone. :P



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