Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"the miracle of spring"

I lived in Florida before I can remember, lived in Southern California till I was 12, then spent most of the rest of my life in the tropics so this has really been my first experience living through a change of seasons. I have always heard the old worn out phrase, "the miracle of spring" but never really understood what it meant.

In three days we went from heating our dorm room to turning on the air-conditioning, the grass turned vibrant green (I can hear them mowing it now), little buds started poking their heads out of the bare branches and have now turned into pure white blossoms, the tulips pushed through the ground and a few have now bloomed vibrant red and yellow, we've had some fresh showers, I can feel the sun again, the sky has brightened, and the sound of birds fill the trees--all because the whole earth has tilted facing us more into the sun.

It is so weird just to see it all change by itself and so interconnected and so fast. This is the miracle of spring.

To borrow from one of my "daily position reports" that I sent out while crossing the Atlantic (to see them all go to

Even though the storms and rain of the weather or the cold and heat of the
seasons are a pain and uncomfortable, I am glad that God made this world a
changing one. Part of Human Nature seems to make it so we get calloused to the
beauty of say, something like a tree, real quick unless that tree transforms
from vibrant green to gold and finally stark black against the white of the



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